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EMPLOYERS You are the manager of a nhs hospital

Are you looking for staff which is not available in your country? Recruiting in the European Union may be a solution.

We also offer an advisory service that will facilitate integration of the new recruit into the working team, inclusive information regarding the legal requirement and a post arrival follow up service to diffuse any potential difficulties.

Preparation of the candidates:

Our service will check all the documents of the applicant, specially the approval of the degree. We will check that all documents comply with legislation and we ensure that the translations are carried out by registered translators. Before sending the full application to the Health Department, we check that nothing is missing and we keep your centre informed regarding any delay in approval.

We also inform the applicant of the specific procedures, necessary or advisable that should be undertaken, such as registration with various bodies, vaccinations, or regarding the residence of the applicant and family in the host country. We also inform the applicant about all the documents necessary when coming with family.

We also inform the applicants regarding the working conditions in their profession in France.

A large part of the preparation consist of anticipating the changes and difficulties, the applicant may encounter in order to be prepared to cope with many eventualities.

Subsequently, we ensure the follow up of the administrative procedure the applicants have to undertake and we organise their arrival into the centre.


We are always in contact with applicants wishing to work in France, through Employment Agencies, Universities and training centres as well as individual applicants.

During the selection interview we give the applicant information regarding the employment conditions and also the culture and the changes awaiting him or her. We assess the applicant’s interest in the project and ability to manage such a change and we highlight all the procedure required when bringing a family.

Then we focus on the job the applicant is looking for or has applying for if an offer has been received. We assess the vocational demand as well as the geographical and economical demand of the applicant.

In order the give the best information possible to the applicants we need to be well informed. To this end we are sending you a copy of job offer, we will work as intermediary and address you all the questions the applicant may have. The accuracy of the information you will give us is vital and plays a major role in a successful recruitment.

English language proficiency:

We assess the linguistic level of the applicant and will let you have the result in the interview commentary. If the applicant had a basic level at the time of the interview, we will request and advise training and will conduct a second assessment and again will forward the outcome to you.

Exchanges between your centre and the applicant prior to arrival

We will send you the curriculum vitae as well as the appraisal of the interviews with our commentaries on the personal and vocational profile of each applicant.

If you are interested in the profile of the applicant, you may return the work contract and we will organise arrival. It may be possible for you to have a conversation by telephone or to meet with the applicant, should you wish to.

Your centre and the team

The success of the recruitment depends greatly of the welcome offered to the applicant on arrival. It is of prime importance to inform the staff and to take their opinion into account. The team will have to commit to the integration of the applicant as he or she will need more help that a French person.

We are at your disposal to assess the needs of your centre on this regard.

Administrative management and follow up

Once the candidate is selected, we help getting all the necessary documents ready (vaccination certificate...) to start work and settle in the host country.

In collaboration with your centre we will organise journey and arrival of the candidate into the place of work.

Our follow up and support will continue for three month after the start of work.

We will assess the potential difficulties and will try to diffuse them as best as possible, to help integration of the candidate and his family and thus ensure the success of the recruitment.
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